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Welcome to Ommabe Chiropractic Center!

We're so excited to see you! Have a look around and get comfortable!

You may be wondering about our name: it's a word we made up playing around with 'Mom' and 'Babe', because those are the people we most want to help! We pronounce it like "Momma-Bee" without the first 'M', but we think the beauty of a made up word is you can pronounce it however you want!


Ommabe Chiropractic Center is a female owned practice focused on providing the best chiropractic care possible for women and children, with a specialty in pregnancy, new mamas and newborns!

Our Focus

At Ommabe we aim to provide the very best care to women and children of all ages

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Chiropractic care during pregnancy is a safe, non invasive and relaxing way to prepare for the best birth, the quickest recovery and the smoothest transition into parenthood possible. Learn more about what chiropractic care looks like during pregnancy.

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Gentle, specific adjustments at an early stage of life set the foundations of strong nervous systems, allowing young bodies to grow into their fullest potential. Learn more about how we help children grow into who they're supposed to be.

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You don't have to be (or want to be!) pregnant to come and experience the benefits of our care. Chiropractic helps everybody at all stages of life! Learn more about wellness chiropractic care as part of an all around holistic lifestyle.

Our Chiropractors are passionate about providing care to moms and little ones, and have pursued extra training to do so. All of our chiropractors are Webster Certified, are or are training to be Spinning Babies Aware Practitioners, and have taken additional training focused on cranial support and development for newborns.

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