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Chiropractic During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time for anyone but some pregnancies are better experiences than others. Our goal at Ommabe is to allow every mom-to-be the chance to not just manage their pregnancy, but to enjoy every moment of it as well.

The changing biomechanics in a woman’s body as she carries her child to term can cause strain and stress on the spine as everything, even her center of gravity, is shifted to reflect the growing baby within. This can result in discomfort and decreased mobility, but these can be safely lessened or relieved entirely by the application of appropriate chiropractic care.


Our chiropractors are passionately invested in helping new moms adjust to the changing physical demands of their bodies through every stage of pregnancy and delivery. In addition to this specialized focus, our team are or are in training to be Spinning Babies Aware Practitioners. Spinning Babies is a system designed to help moms prepare for birth by gently encouraging an unborn child to shift into the optimal birthing position. This process has been linked to easier deliveries and less need for birth interventions.

In addition to the experience and supplementary education of our chiropractors, our office is fully equipped for pregnant patients, including chiropractic-specific pillows used while being adjusted which allow Moms to lay on their front - a simple pleasure often taken for granted until you can’t enjoy it!

Pregnancy Pillows_edited.jpg

If you are expecting, let us know when booking your initial consultation appointment. Our chiropractors will, first, congratulate you, and second, plan a specialized questionnaire, examination and consultation. After reviewing your results, they will create an individual treatment plan to help you through your pregnancy and birth, and offer advice on local experts who can help you in other areas such as creating a birth plan, lactation assistance, post partum therapies and more.

We are both honored and thrilled that you would consider allowing us to assist you through this exciting stage of your life, and will do everything we can to make it as pleasurable and positive an experience as possible.

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