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Chiropractic And Wellness

Our focus at Ommabe is to help our patients thrive. While many come to see us initially while pregnant or post partum, or with a specific symptom they wish to resolve, many continue to get adjusted long after baby arrives or the symptom has disappeared.

The goal of regular wellness or maintenance chiropractic care is to help your body heal itself. By improving the alignment of your spine, we reduce interference in the communication network between your nervous system and the rest of your body. If your nervous system is not working at full strength, it cannot regulate your body's reaction to outside influences. 


Your nervous system underpins every process in your body, from blood circulation to immune responses. So it is essential to us that your body can transmit messages to your nervous system (reporting a problem), and that your nervous system can send back instructions to your body (resolving a problem). This explains how you may have problems with your gut that are resolved by having your neck adjusted: we are improving your internal communication system.

It may be that 'outside influences' are as simple as your posture when sitting in your car, or as complex as food sensitivities. Whatever they are, we intend to work with you to find out why you're experiencing the symptoms you are, how to resolve what is causing them, and how to adapt to possible reoccurrences in the future.


Chiropractic can help you at any stage of life, and is a great part of an all around holistic and non invasive approach to healthcare.

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