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Meet Our Chiropractor!

Meet our chiropractor, Julia. Born in Austin, Texas, raised in Asheville, North Carolina, and educated in San Jose California, Julia took another trip after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic West and moved to Singapore, seeking out adventure and practical experience. After six years working abroad in the island state she decided to move back to Texas to establish her own practice, focused on the care of women and children. 

In addition to her Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic (West), Dr Julia has taken on many additional studies to assist her primary aim of helping women and children, including:

  • ICPA Certification in the Webster Technique (ICPA)

  • Adjusting the Infant and Education in the Perinatal Period (ICPA)

  • Thompson & Logan Techniques with Infants (ICPA)

  • Advanced Prenatal Clinical Application (ICPA)

  • Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for Infants and Children (ICPA)

  • Dynamic and Postural Reflex Integration (Masgutova/MNRI)

  • Dynamic Body Balancing Workshop (Cranio Sacral Training with Carol Phillips)

  • Sagittal Plane Spinal Analysis Module & Orthotic Application (Denneroll)

  • Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner - see below! (Spinning Babies)

Dr Julia is on a continual quest to expand her knowledge and regularly travels to conferences and workshops to support this aim - so this list will keep growing, like this:

Dr Julia is constantly seeking to improve the service she can provide her patients, so we are very proud to be able to say that she is now a fully qualified Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner. You can find more information about Spinning Babies here, but as a brief introduction: Spinning Babies is a natural non invasive technique used to try and encourage babies into a correct, easier birthing position. Through gentle massage and release, we help mom’s body make more room for the baby in utero, relieving pressure on mom and allowing baby to use their natural instincts to prepare for birth.

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