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Welcome to Ommabe Chiropractic Center, a dedicated space for women and children in

The Woodlands, Texas!

Our office caters to the diverse needs of moms and babes, from preconception planning and maternity care to postnatal support and pediatric health.

Our specialized techniques are designed specifically for newborns, children and women, to give them the best chance at leading a healthy, happy life.

Meet Dr Julia. Our Chiropractor has advanced training in pediatric and pregnancy care, years of experience and a passion for helping families thrive.
Dr Julia is a specialized chiropractor and lactation specialist, focused entirely on creating all the perfect conditions for women and children to be able to flourish from minute one.
We believe that a well adjusted body is the best environment to create new ones! Just like life, care doesn’t stop once you are expecting, and Dr Julia is ready to help prepare you for birth: as she is fully qualified in the Webster Technique, a chiropractic method for adjusting pregnant women, which attempts to balance the pelvis to create the best possible birth outcome.
Gentle adjustments for infants have many long and short terms benefits, from cranial development to latching issues to the prevention of ear infections - and many many more. Call us today to find out more
350 Nursery Road, Unit 1104
Spring, Texas, 77380
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